Seeing a Large Cat

Elizabeth Peters

Book 9 of Amelia Peabody - Pub

Language: English

Publisher: G. K. Hall

Published: Oct 15, 1997


EDITORIAL REVIEW: MysteryLarge Print EditionPeters fans will relish this latest adventure. Publishers WeeklyAs her legions of fans will readily testify, Amelia Peabody Emerson, who wields a mean parasol, is not your usual whodunit heroine. BooklistAmelia Peabody, feisty turn-of-the-century Egyptologist, is in Cairo headed for a dig in the awesome Valley of the Kings. Stay away from tomb Twenty-A, warns an ominous message delivered by an unseen hand. Even though her famous premonitions are telling her that trouble lies ahead, Amelia dreams of a large cat, an Egyptian sign of good luck. And when tomb Twenty-A finally reveals its secret, Amelia will need all the luck she can garner, as the desert produces a macabre puzzle of murder, passion and cruel deceit.