Cry of the Hunter

Jack Higgins

Language: English

Published: Nov 2, 2009


SUMMARY: Reissue of the timeless Higgins classic'ŚFrom being a fighter in his teens, to becoming a leader north of the border in his twenties, by the age of forty, Martin Fallon was a revered man; a legend and hero of the Organization.After time in prison, and a battle with the bottle, he's ready to turn his back on the fight.But the war isn't over, and now, his services are needed once again'ŚLed back into operation under false pretences by his employers, Fallon is thrown into a rescue mission, and up against The Ulster Constabulary; a ruthless and terrifying sect with a penchant violence, and a ransom on the head of a king.Fallon must drag himself from the edge to fight for justice, searching for truth, and spilling blood.